Emma Rheel



Phd student



Emma obtained a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy in 2017 at Ghent University. After her physiotherapy studies, she also completed the Specific Teacher's Training Program in Health Sciences at the University of Ghent. Her interest in working with and doing research about children evolved from several internships in various domains within the physiotherapy training and being active as a leader in the scouts for several years. In addition her master's thesis about the influence of electronic devices on the development of fine motor skills in preschoolers increased her interest in this matter. Since October 2018 she is part of the Ghent Health Psychology Lab as a PhD student, in the Department of Experimental-Clinical and Health Psychology of Ghent University. Her PhD is in the context of a Joint PhD with the Faculty Physical Education and Physiotherapy of the VUB, within the Pain In Motion research group. Her research focuses on the role of distraction, pain neuroscience education and parental involvement in understanding alterations of children's pain and fear memories in children with cancer undergoing painful procedures.  





- Cancer and pain 

- Children

- Chronic pain

- Memory bias

- Parental behaviour to child pain